One of the most common questions we get asked is what is more important, Pay-Per-Click or Search Engine Optimization?
Here is how we see it:

– Ads are online almost immediately
– Start getting ROI sooner
– Great for time sensitive promotions
– Great for testing different words, phrases and products
– Quickly build up traffic to your website
– Gather feedback almost immediately
– Flexible Spending. Increase or Decrease spending in real time.
A recent study by Engine Ready found:
Conversion rates: PPC just barely beat SEO
Average Order Value: PPC won
Average time on site: PPC won
– A must for a long-term strategy
– 90% of people click on “organic” listings
– People trust the first page results and may see those companies as experts in their field
– Ranking for multiple keywords and key phrase will bring you significant traffic to your website
– If you do both PPC and SEO, a strong SEO campaign can allow you to cut down on your PPC spend.
Overall, both are excellent strategies for maximizing your online presence. They even complement each other well. A recent study from a couple of NYU Stern professors found that organic search engine results can play a direct role in whether or not a paid listing is clicked.
So which should you do?
At the end of the day, both are critical to your websites long-term success. If you need traffic now, go with PPC, if you plan on being around a long time, start your SEO now. SEO typically takes 3-4 months before you start to see results. Keep that in mind as you make your investment in online marketing.
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Dave Fogel
NetViper Interactive

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