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I'll manage your Facebook Ads campaign using proven conversion strategies, write compelling ad copy and build you a landing page that will make you more money.

I've been working with Internet Ads For 11 Years

I'm certifed in the BELT Facebook Method from CXL

I'm certified in Value Proposition and Landing Page Optimation

Google Partner
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CXL conversion Institute
NetViper Owner Dave Fogel

"This company is professional and brilliant. Dave has assisted our business in generating a tremendous amount of revenue with his marketing campaigns. I would recommend him to any company looking to increase their business."

Emily Smith

Sterling Commercial

"Dave has been our Facebook Ads Manager for more than a year. Our Facebook ads bring in new people every day to my Salon. We are very pleased with the results."

Angelique Khalafyan

Luxury Hair Studio For Men

Just A Few Strong Reasons to Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Audience

Your Audience is on Facebook

80% of all Internet users use Facebook. The average person spends 28% of his or her time on social networks every day.

facebook ads cost less

Facebook Ads Cost Less

The cost to reach 1,000 people on Facebook can be as low as 25 cents.  Smaller budgets of $10 a day can still be effective on Facebook.

Facebook Targeting

Exceptional Targeting Capabilities

You can target by behaviors, interests, demographics, connections, age ranges, languages, locations, and more!  Plus you can layer them upon each other to ensure you’re targeting the customers you want. You can even create Look-A-Like Audiences form your current customer list!


Remarketing Is Powerful

Remarketing shows ads for your business to people after they have visited your website, used your mobile app, or given you their email address. People will see these ads when they visit or shop on other websites, use social media, watch videos, use other mobile apps, or search on Google.

facebook ad types

Different Ad Types

Facebook offers a variety of ad types including standard image ads, carousel ads with multiple images, mobile newsfeed ads, Product Ads, Video Ads are more!

facebook ad objectives

Ad Objectives

Facebook allows you to use different objectives for your ads. Awareness includes things like Brand Awareness and Reach. Consideration includes Traffic, Engagement, Messages and more. Conversion is focused on conversions and sales.  These help you reach the right audience.

facebook organic reach

Facebook Orangic Reach Is Dying

Did you know that less than 1% of your fans on average will see your updates?   Facebook has been slowly lowering the organic visibility and it has frustrated many business owners.  Thankfully you don't need a huge budget to reach a lot of people with Facebook ads.


Call Buttons Are Awesome

Calls to your business are way more valuable than website visits. Mobile Facebook can now call you directly from your ads - saving many steps in a traditional ad campaign.

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