Why Use A Digital Marketing Agency for Small Business in Jacksonville Florida

Google Display AdsLet’s talk about a Digital Marketing Agency for Small Business.   Why small business? Because we can help you the most in succeeding online.

While are many reasons to use a local Digital Marketing agency that focuses on small businesses, let’s start with five good ones to get you started:

  1. Local Experts: Digital marketing agencies have experts who are knowledgeable about the latest trends and techniques in the industry. This can be especially beneficial for small businesses, which may not have the resources or time to stay up-to-date on all the latest developments. Both Google Ads and Facebook Ads are constantly changing their marketing programs introducing new features while sunsetting old ones.  While there are many digital marketing courses you can take online, most of them are already out of date by the time they come out.  Running your own ads on techniques that no longer work is a great way to waste your digital marketing budget.
  2. Time-saving: Working with a digital marketing agency can save small business owners a significant amount of time. Instead of spending time trying to figure out the best marketing strategies and tactics, business owners can focus on running their businesses and leave the marketing to the experts.  I can’t tell you how many times I get asked can you teach me how to run ads, my answer is I can, but wouldn’t you make a lot more money focusing on running your business?  Learning digital advertising is a lot more complicated than pushing a few buttons and running an ad.
  3. Cost-effective: Digital marketing agencies often offer packages or bundled services that can be more cost-effective than hiring multiple individuals to handle different aspects of a marketing campaign.  For example, we can save you money running google ads, Facebook ads, and even SEO at the same time.  The funnels we create work for all of your paid ads.  We can potentially save you thousands of dollars by using similar creative or ideas on different platforms like Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and even Tik Tok.
  4. Increased efficiency: Digital marketing agencies have the resources and expertise to implement campaigns efficiently and effectively. This can lead to better results and a higher return on investment for small businesses. This certainly ties into being able to run your ads on multiple platforms with similar creative.  We can have ads running on Google and Facebook within a few days of each other.
  5. Improved ROI: Digital marketing agencies can help small businesses identify and target their most valuable customers, which can lead to improved ROI on marketing efforts.  You also save money by spending your money with one place vs. multiple companies that will charge you multiple set-up fees, management fees etc.

Why Netviper as you Digital Marketing Agency For Small Business?

NetViper is a Digital Marketing Agency for Small Business that has been working with multiple companies in Jacksonville since 2008.  A lot has changed since 2008.  Some of today’s most successful ad platforms like Facebook and Tik Tok didn’t even exist back then!  Digital marketing moves fast and it is hard to keep up. We spend countless hours every week on calls, watching the latest videos and implementing new strategies so we can help your business succeed with Digital Marketing.

Have questions about Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing? Check out this page:  Let’s Talk Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing In Jacksonville

NetViper offers a free consultation for any small business in Jacksonville, or anywhere else in North America.  We work with pretty much any industry in helping you come up with a Digital Marketing Strategy, find your value proposition, building headlines and killer copy to get customers to convert.  If you would like to talk to us, please fill out the contact us form and we will be in touch asap.


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