Converting a site to WordPress

So over the last two week, I have spend my free time converting my site over to WordPress. There are several reasons for this. First, I really like the ability to add plug-ins to my site. I also love how easy it is to add new pages and manage the site. There are also the benefits of SEO with great sitemaps and xml sitemaps and more.

So I knew I wanted to make my site look very similar to the old one. I was happy with the older design, but I wanted some new functionality mainly for blogging. I was using Blogger to do my blogs, but since that service is no longer available how I was using it, it was time for something better. I really like WordPress as a blogging tool, but many people don’t realize how good it is as a CMS.

I basically had my old site recreated in a couple of hours, But my site is based on a 12 column grid, and I have my wordpress theme on a 16 column grid. This caused several formatting issues that i am still working out, but I got it looking pretty good.

Next I needed to add all of the pages from the old site. Since I am using the same grid system, it was merely a matter of cut and paste for many of the pages. That sure makes it easy! Some pages are still not done yet. I need new art and I want to edit the flash on those pages to a small size.

So there are more projects to be done. I will blogging about my updates as I go.

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