Where Do Google Ads Appear?

Where Google Ads appearGoogle Ads can appear in a number of different places, depending on the type of ad you’re running and the targeting options you’ve selected. Here are a few places where Google Ads may appear:

  1. Search results: When someone searches for a keyword or phrase related to your business, your ad may appear at the top or bottom of the search results page. These ads are called search ads and are usually labeled with the word “Ad” to distinguish them from organic search results.
  2. Google Maps: If you have a local business and you’re running a Google Maps ad, your ad may appear when someone searches for a relevant term or business on Google Maps. Your ad may also appear as a sponsored listing when someone searches for a type of business in a specific location.
  3. Google Shopping: If you’re running a shopping ad, your ad may appear in the Google Shopping results when someone searches for a product related to your business. These ads typically include an image of the product, the price, and a link to the product page on your website.
  4. Display network: The Google Display Network includes a vast network of websites that have partnered with Google to display ads. Your ad may appear on any of these websites if you’re running a display ad and you’ve selected the Google Display Network as part of your targeting options.
  5. YouTube: If you’re running a video ad, your ad may appear on YouTube when someone watches a video related to your business or searches for a keyword related to your business. These ads can be skippable or non-skippable and can appear before, during, or after a video.
  6. Gmail: If you’re running a Gmail ad, your ad may appear in someone’s Gmail inbox if you’ve selected the Gmail network as part of your targeting options. These ads can appear as sponsored emails and may include an image, a subject line, and a call-to-action button.
  7. Performance Max: Performance Max can show on all of the networks & locations.  It is best for shopping campaigns.

In summary, Google Ads can appear in a variety of places, including search results, Google Maps, Google Shopping, the Google Display Network, YouTube, and Gmail. The specific placements of your ads will depend on the type of ad you’re running and the targeting options you’ve selected. By understanding where your ads can appear, you can better plan your ad campaigns and reach your desired audience.

If you are looking to run Google Ads, NetViper Interactive is a Google Partner based in Jacksonville, FL.  Owner Dave Fogel is a Google Ads Master working with Google Ads since 2008 logging more than 16,000 hours of experience in Google Ads. Please contact us today if you have questions about running Google Ads in Jacksonville or anywhere else! We work with clients in the USA and Canada.  We are also part of the MECLABS super funnel cohort focusing on creating the ultimate funnel to get people to buy your goods or services.

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