When you have an online business, traffic is the key to profit, no doubt. The best way to achieve traffic that generates profitability is through SEO positioning. Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques that you must apply to your digital development to increase its visibility.

However, achieving this positioning is not an easy task. Google, the largest search engine at the moment uses about 200 criteria to position a web page, which makes the job of achieving a proper positioning a real challenge. You must apply specific rules and techniques to your development and content so that search engines can give you a good ranking.

It is necessary to emphasize that there are no shortcuts here. There are a couple of things that can be done to “make things easier”, but they are not as effective; these techniques are somewhat ephemeral, and they can be a significant risk to your website. The key is to make an excellent SEO in your portal, to get the best search positions. It is essential that you know the main techniques you must apply.

The 4 Pillars Of An Excellent SEO Positioning

  1. Understand the Search Engines

Natural positioning (SEO) is based on three factors: source code, content, and links. To these three, you can add a couple more that are also decisive when it comes to obtaining a good ranking: the usability of your website and the strategy. So, when generating a strategic plan for your positioning, you must have procedures to improve each of these aspects in your digital development. If you want to improve your SEO in Jacksonville contact us, at Netviper Interactive, we will be happy to support you.

  1. Make a Web Traceable

The search engine decides the ranking of your website by tracking it. Any effort you make to facilitate these tasks to them is valuable. These are the basics to achieve an “engine friendly” portal:

  • Each content must be unique
  • Each page must contain relevant content, meeting a specific need
  • You must prevent access to the same page through multiple addresses
  • The developer must minimize these elements:
    • The Flash format
    • The Noindex Directive
    • Errors 404
    • Redirections
  1. Facilitates Indexation

When a search engine indexes content, it places it in its database and has it available before an organic search. It is also necessary to alleviate this work to the bots of the engine. To achieve this, you must apply these strategies:

  • List your contents (sitemap file)
  • Indicates where the user is at all times within site using:
    • Menu
    • Navigation route
    • org markup
    • Canonical URLs
  • Provide easy access to all your content with:
    • Manual links between your materials
    • Related Articles
  1. Relevant Content

Finally, it is essential that you share excellent content. Make a combination of writings, videos, and images that are current, useful and relevant to users. In this way, search engines will understand that you are favoring the users’ experience, and will consider you for better positions in searches.

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