Having Multiple Footers in wordpress

Sometimes I like to have multiple footers for a site, or at least one for the homepage and one for the rest of the site. Fortunetly, wordpress makes this really easy to do.

WordPress has a special template tag for including them into your theme:

This function will accept only one parameter, a string, which works like the sidebar
function. Used without a parameter it will fetch the footer.php file and insert it.

So let’s say I want to have one footer for the homepage and then one for the rest of the site. I am going to use footer.php for the homepage and then create a second for the rest of the site. You could do it however you want.

First step, copy the footer.php file and rename it footer-interior.php. Now make the changes to the file that you want for the footer and upload it back to your site.

So now we need to call our interior footer. We call it like this. < ?php get_footer("interior"); ?>

The get_footer() template tag will retrieve the theme files “footer-interior.php” .

Simple as that.

* Don’t forget the quotes or it will not work.

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