Google Adds Countdown Widget

Google AdwordsGoogle just announced  a new countdown widget that makes it easy for advertisers to place countdown times within their ad copy dynamically.

With a countdown widget, you can create a sense of urgency for customers to buy what you have now versus later. This includes the ability to set the following messaging in your ad copy:

  • the number of days, hours, or minutes left to ship their holiday presents in time
  • daily discounts or promotions for your hottest deals
  • most-up-to date inventory availability on your products

To use this new feature simply type “{=” into any line of ad text as you’re creating text ads in the ‘Ads’ tab.  You can preview what the countdown will look like in your ads before making them live.

Personally, I think this is a nice additional to Google Adwords.  Many of our customers have special deals that are only good for a month, or even a week, so it might be helpful to drive additional traffic to their sites and hopefully create conversions.

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