Advertising and marketing have faced unprecedented changes in the past decade. The most common above the line marketing platforms, such as television, radio, and newspapers, are taking a back seat. The internet has caused a shakeup and given rise to more popular and rapid forms of spreading the word about your business. Google ads are now one of the most successful methods of advertising and marketing your brand, products, or services. For any business to successfully ride on the wave of Google ads, you need the best Google ad manager in Jacksonville. At NetViper Interactive, we’re experts in digital advertising, and we can help you stay ahead of the competition. 

Everything You Need to Know About Google Ad Manager

Google ads are the best way of reaching more customers as they target people who perform searches on Google for information. If you’re looking to increase sales and have more customers visit your store or look at your website, you need to hire a Google ads manager who will effectively use this method to your advantage. Whenever you spot an ad for a company appear on the top of search results on Google, a carefully planned and executed ad word campaign is behind such an ad. Here are a few more things you need to know about a Google ad manager. 

  • They Have Google Certification

To become a Google Certified Partner, a manager is required to pass several exams. You need to be well-trained to pass the exams. This certification also adds to their professional credibility as it is specific to this line of work. We have the leading Jacksonville FL Google ads manager, who are certified partners. 

  • They’re Skilled for the Job

Just like any other job, an ads manager should have the basic and advanced skills required for this position. They should be able to research the competition and offer credible and actionable results. Google Ads is a big platform with various campaign types. You can run shopping, search, video, display, app, and remarketing campaigns. It’s important to confirm whether the ads manager you want to hire has the experience and a proven track record of the campaign type you’re planning to launch.

  • Well Updated on The Latest Practices

Algorithms are constantly being changed and tweaked, and that affects Google ad campaigns. A good manager is always updated on the latest changes even before they affect their clients. They can have subscriptions to Inside AdWords or SEM and SearchCap to inform them of any changes. We have the best Google AdWords management in Jacksonville, FL, with access to Google reps to keep us updated on any changes. 

  • Data-Driven

Google ads are driven by data. Without analyzing the campaign results by looking at the clicks and the leads generated, you might as well be running blind. As a local SEO company, we use data to help us assess what in a campaign is generating leads and what isn’t. We perform in-depth keyword research, look at AdWords reports, and study Google Analytics reports, in general, to guide us in making the best decision for your business.  

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It’s vital that the Google ad manager you hire has excellent communication skills. This ensures they’re able to deliver even complex statics in a language their clients can understand. Our unexcelled Google ad manager in Jacksonville and Google Facebook ads manager for hire embody all these qualities and more. Contact us now to receive a free, no-obligation demo and consultation.

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